Know your farmer. Know your food.
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Stop by our bistro and outdoor patio for a great homemade
lunch and a comforting cappucino.
Using our own meats and other other locally sourced
ingredients, it feels like lunch on the farm.
Then don't forget to pick up dinner!  Choose from our ever
growing selection of easy meal options that are
both ready to cook or reheat at home.
BISTRO HOURS :: 7 Days a Week
Bistro Coffee Bar - 9:00 to 4:00
Lunch Menu - 10:30 to 4:00
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Click Menu to Zoom In
Sandwiches :: Soups  ::  Salads
Fresh Sandwiches & Wraps
Roast Beef  ::  Ham & Cheese
BBQ Beef Wrap  ::  BBQ Chicken Wrap  ::  Chicken Caeser Wrap
Pizza  ::  Ham & Cheese
Turkey Cranberry
Soups - Changes Daily
Chicken Noodle  ::  Mexican Taco
Ham & Split Pea  ::  Bacon Corn Chowder
Jambalaya  ::  Turkey Rice
 Berry Fields  ::  Chicken Caeser
Caeser  :: Garden
Deli Salads
Bacon Broccoli  ::  Greek
Potato  ::  Coleslaw
Pesto Bocconcini  ::  Kale & Quinoa
Cooking_1 (2).png
Full Service Coffee & Tea Bar
Brewed  ::  Latte  :: Cappuccino
Mocha  ::  Hot Chocolate
Americano  ::  Espresso
Organic Whole Leaf Teas
Tea Lattes:  Vanilla Matcha, London Fog & Chai
::  Baked Goods  :: ::  Snacks  ::
Muffins  :: Cookies
Pies  ::  Cakes
Squares  ::  Fudge
Gluten Free Options
Taco & Pita Chip
Pepperoni/Cheese Packs
Veggie Cups
Yogurt Parfaits
Fruit Cups
Deli Style Pickles
Take & Bake Options 
St. Louis Style Ribs
Shepherds Pie - 2 Sizes 
BBQ Bacon Meatloaf 
Cabbage Rolls
Meat Pies - 8 types:
Tex Mex  *   Steak & Veggie
Steak & Mushroom  *  Steak & Kidney  *  Steak & Ale
Coconut Curry Chicken  *  Chicken & Veggies  *  Turkey & Veggie
Beef Chili - Gluten Free  
Beef Spaghetti Sauce
Chicken Stock - All Natural
Beef Stock - All Natural
French Fries
 Yam Fries
 Chicken Strips
Cooking_2 (2).png