Know your farmer. Know your food.
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:: produce ::

We pride ourselves on being a one stop destination and carry a wide variety of all fruit
and vegetables so your family can be fed a balanced diet rich with vitamins and minerals.



:: salads ::
Asian Chicken Salad
Chicken Ceasar Salad
Home on the Range
Strawberry Fields
    At Hopcott Farms, we grow our own corn on the cob and spray-free strawberries, raspberries & tayberries.  As well as brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cranberries.  In the summer, our produce is as fresh as can be, and we also sell frozen fruit mixes year-round.
    Outside of our own produce, we also sell local, seasonal fruits and vegetables grown at farms in the Fraser Valley, Lower Vancouver Island and the South Okanagan.
    Only in the winter months, when local produce is difficult to find, is it necessary to carry some items from the USA, such as yams, lemons, avocados and other organic items.  After all, you can't live on meat alone, although sometime we know you'd like to.
Have a look at a seasonal chart of BC produce.
We strive to carry a vast selection and
are always adding to our product lines.

 * * *Please note - these are approximate dates and can change due to weather