Know your farmer. Know your food
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:: beef ::
Our beef is from our family farm, located right net to the store.
Know Your Farmer.  Know Your Food. 



Why Buy Hopcott Beef?

- Naturally Raised -
No added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.
Grass forage fed while on the ranches & finished on a high
rouphage diet of a mixture of our own grass & non-gmo corn
silage, along with limited amounts of high quality grain.
We believe in humane animal management and
animal welfare is a top priority.
- Local -
The animals are born on one of three ranches, which we visit on a regular basis, and spend the first half of their lives roaming the land. 
130 Mile Ranch in 130 Mile, BC
Kane Lake Ranch in Lumby, BC
Big Smokey Ranch in Merrit, BC. 
 They then spend the next half on our farm, right
next door to the store where we have full quality control.
- Quality & Taste -
We use the traditional method of aging our AAA Grade beef
by hanging it on the rail and dry-aging it for 28 day, as
opposed to more common wet-aging in cryovac bags.
Dry-aging allows the natural enzymes to slowly tenderize
the meat and evaporate the moisture to create a more
concentrated and enhanced depth of flavour.  For this reason,
we do not need to needle our beef.
- Selection -
We are a full custom butcher shop that handle the entire animal.
We also have fully trained butchers who specialize in the breaking down and cutting of complete animal carcasses.  For these reasons,
we able to offer our customers a vast array of beef cuts.
Know your butcher.  Know your food.