Know your farmer. Know your food
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:: dog food & bones ::

We love our family pets and know you do too, so we carry a wide selection of treats to please your adorable pups. Raw Dog Food is the healthiest way to feed your pets and they’ll always be your best friend when you feed them Hopcott’s smoked dog treats.

- Raw Dog Food -
Made In House
Sold frozen in bags of individual blocks
Bags are approximately 12 to 14 lbs
50% Hopcott Beef Trimmings
35% Hopcott Beef Offals (Heart/Tongue/Liver/Kidney)
5% Hopcott Chicken Wing Tips
5% Hopcott Deli Ends
- Smoked Dog Treat -
Small, Medium & Large Dog Bones
Beef Tendon
Smoked Brisket
Smoked Beef Neck
Pork Rinds
Bones can also be requested raw.