Know your farmer. Know your food

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:: grocery items ::

We try our best to source out local products for our grocery selection.
This gives us a chance to help support other local farms and
give small family businesses at outlet for their delicious products.
Come see what we have to offer!

- Dairy & Beverages -
Ice Cream Selection from Krause Berry Farms - Langley, BC
Artisan Cheese from Cheesecrafters - Maple Ridge, BC
Goat Cheeses from OK Falls - Kelowna, BC
Salad Dressings from OK Falls - Kelowna, BC
Salad Dressings from Rendevous Restaurant - Abbotsford, BC
Eggs fom Maple Hill Farms - Abbotsford, BC
Ice Cream from Rocky Point Ice Cream - Port Moody, BC
Smoothies & Juices from Happy Planet - Vancouver, BC
Fresh Fruit Juices from Jobst - Okanagan
- Other Deliciousness -
Dried Soups from Simply Delish - Langley, BC
Soups from Happy Planet - Vancouver, BC
Fresh Pastas from Old Country - Port Coquitlam, BC
Natural Honey from Dew Fresh - Osoyoos, BC
Pasta Sauces from Jules & Kent - Vancouver, BC
Perogies from Helmis - Abbotsford, BC
Perogies from Grandma's Perogies - Abbotsford, BC
Pickled Items from Goodies - Abbotsford, BC
Juices from Happy Planet - Vancouver, BC
Peanut Butter from Krause Farms - Langley, BC
Coffee Roasted and Ground Fresh - Burnaby, BC
Loose Leaf Teas from Karla's Specialteas - Mission, BC
Stone Ground Tea Latte Mixes from Domo - Port Coqtuilam, BC
Smoked Oysters from West Coast - Vancouver Island
Risotto Balls & Artisan Sausage from Urbani - Port Moody, BC
- Dips & Spreads -
Wine Jelly & Eggplact Spread from Caramoomel - Kelowna, BC
Red Pepper & Mint Jelly from OK Falls - Kelowna, BC
Balsamic Reduction from Nonna Pia - Whistler, BC
Selection of locally made jams with BC Fruit
Pepper Jelly from Saunders Farms - Windermere, BC
- Snacks -
Taco chips from Fresh Is Best - Kamloops, BC
Potato Chips from Hardbite - Maple Ridge, BC
- Sauces & Rubs -
Verde & Diablo Hot Sauces from Los Tacos Food - Vancouver, BC
BBQ Sauces & Rub from House of Q - Surrey, BC
Dried Marinades & Dips from Spices Works - White Rock, BC
Jerk Seasoning & Sauce from Aunti Bev - Vancouver, BC
Asian Sauces from Naam - Fraser Valley
Hoisin & Fish Sauces from Little Saigon - Vancouver, BC
Spices from Seasond Gourmand Foods - Langley, BC
Hot Sauces & BBQ Sauces from Fire Belly - Vancouver, BC
Vietnamese Sauce from Nuoc Cham - Port Moody, BC
Flavoured Salts from Vancouver Island Salt Co - Cobble Hill, BC
Horseradishes from Hee-Haw - Vancouver Island
- Baked Goods & Sweets -
Breads from Bread Affair - Mission, BC
Breads from Gesundheit - Abbotsford, BC
Pies from Krause Berry Farm - Langley, BC
Fudge made by Debbie Hopcott
Caramel Sauce from Caramoomel - Kelowna, BC
Almond Butter Crunch from Fraser Valley Gourmet
Organic Maple Syrup, Ontario