Know your farmer. Know your food

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::  our team  ::
Debbie Hopcott
Owner & Matriach of
Hopcott Farms.
Bob Hopcott
Farmer & Owner of
Hopcott Meats.
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Jenn Hopcott-Foxley
Daughter of Bob & Debbie.
Operations Manager
at Hopcott Meats.
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Mike Lindsay
General Manager &
Head Butcher
at Hopcott Meats.
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Travis Hopcott
Son of Bob & Debbie.
Produce and
Cranberry Farmer.
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Brad Hopcott
Son of Bob & Debbie.
Cattle Farmer.
Wedding & Events.
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Kurtis Lindsay
Assistant Manager
& Butcher at
Hopcott Meats.
Alicia Lindsay
Front End Supervisor
at Hopcott Meats.
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Rachel Hopcott
Brad's Wife.
Wedding & Events Coordinator

the Hopcott Team

Hopcott's wouldn't be what it is without our amazing team.
Let our knowledgeable staff help you with your purchase.

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