Know your farmer. Know your food
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:: chicken  ::  turkey ::
Our chicken is from Farm Fed is Abbotsford, BC,           
who source from family farms within the Fraser Valley.     

Our turkeys are sold fresh and
are from JD Farms in Langley, BC.
Bringing Your Family Traditional Goodness
     Our turkeys come from the renowned JD Farms. The birds are fed a natural diet of grain, vitamins and minerals and are free of antibiotics and animal by-products. JD Farms raises their turkeys in spacious, well-ventilated barns with free access to fresh water and a constant supply of fresh feed. Special care and diet bring out only the highest quality and exceptional flavor. 
     Our chicken comes from high quality birds grown by local poultry farmers within the Fraser Valley.  Our birds are free run and are rasied on a wheat based diet.  Free run means the birds are given the freedom to wandor around an enclosed barn.
     Our chicken is raised without added growth hormones, as per Canadian regulations.  They are HACCP certified.
Please note that fresh turkeys are only available at Easter,
Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pre-ordering is advised.